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 Vorwaerts Fest 2008
 VIDEO INSTALLATION, Kesselhaus, Berlin
Vorwaerts Fest 2006
v o r w a e r t s , k e s s e l h a u s
Vorwaerts is the monthly newspaper of the German Social Democratic Party. Every year they host a party for over 2000 guests from the world of politics and media, including such dignitaries as former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder himself. In 2008, I animated selected vorwaerts title pages and articles into an elaborate video installation retracing significant political issues over the past 10 years.
The cavernous space of the Kesselhaus was broken up by a series of diagonal and vertical projection elements, deconstructing the frontal axis of the stage/audience division of the hall. From the perspective of the entrance, three horizontal screens reveal one continuous image which then fragments as the viewer moves through the space. Messages and quotations in the video content combine in new formations as seen from the multiple vantage points afforded by the stairways and the mezzanine gallery.