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SPD Party Conference Redesign
Concept and Stage design, Station, Berlin, 26.09.2010


I was asked to redesign the German opposition party's annual conference. The concept broke with tradition by integrating the original architecture of the location, not covering it behind an anonymous veneer, emphasizing transparency and creating a truth-to-materials aesthetic. The seating arrangement was elliptical, the stage and audience areas linked by a series of hanging square elements and video screens, complimented by a natural lighting concept.

SPD Berlinale reception

SLIDE INSTALLATION, Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin, 2010
Culture meets politics!

Every February Berlin gets caught up in the whirl of the Berlinale Film Festival - 8 films per day and parties every night - and political parties are no exception. The SPD party throws an annual reception to bring together politicians, members of the Film branch, and important players in the arts and media.
The briefing was to give a lounge character to the somewhat sterile day-time atmosphere of the atrium in the Willy Brandt Haus, home of the SPD party. The offices around the atrium were flooded with red and blue light and slide projections of stylized graphics representing a strip of film were used to break up the space and create patterns on the guests and white table cloths.

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