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Hamburger Abendblatt New Year's Reception
Messehalle, Hamburg, 07.01.2011

2011 kicked off with a festive video stage design for the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper's New Year's reception: a fabulous affair with real live 12 meter high trees, and häppchen to die for, not to mention the prestigious company of a thousand guests from politics and the media, Bürgermeister, Aussenminister et al.
Das Hamburger Abendblatt wünscht EIN FROHES NEUES JAHR - ICH AUCH!
I designed a 180 degree panorama video for the stage - a Forest of Visions - in celebration of Hamburg's title as European Green Capital; a collage of headlines as the background for a debate between the candidates for the upcoming election; New Year's Wishes and quotations to inspire for the coming year, within the framework of a subtle Hamburger Abendblatt branding. The installation was extended to the main space with 12m high projection banners, transforming the hall into a sumptuous woodland of tumbling leaves and changing seasons.
60 Years Hamburger Abendblatt
SLIDE & VIDEO INSTALLATION, Alte Jacht Club, Hamburg, 2008
In 2008, Hamburg's most popular newspaper, the Hamburger Abendblatt turned 60. As part of the celebrations I was asked to design projections for their party in the Old Yacht Club, drawing on material from 60 years worth of news.
Sifting through thousands of issues of the newspaper dating back to 1948 was a fascinating process: rediscovering items of breaking news which have since paled into insignificance, realizing which issues have continued to dominate world media, seeing how much has changed and how much things have stayed the same, and becoming acquainted with this quintessentially nautical city and its sea-faring folk.
Guests arrived at the party by boat to be greeted by a local Seamen's choir, brainchild of my client, the excellent factor X agency