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XEN.ON Party, Video & Slide installation
FX Center, Babelsberg, 2008
XEN.ON television campus is a spunky weekly TV magazine, broadcast on the German station rbb. It is a great project which offers young people the chance to make television themselves, realizing their own ideas and learning directorial, camera and editing skills. Proud winners of the "Ort der Ideen 2008" prize, XEN.ON asked me to assist with the celebrations, which took place in the FX Center, Babelsberg - a new steel and glass building with a 4-story atrium.
The 16 meter side wall of the atrium was an obvious choice as a projection surface, and I had a lot of fun playing with the vertical possibilities of the location. With a set up of 3 video projections stacked seamlessly one on top of another, I could play tricks like building a virtual pile of TVs and making them tumble down to the ground - all featuring lively XEN.ON footage.

Link to XEN.ON