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 Deutsche AIDS Hilfe e.V. 2008
 SLIDE & VIDEO INSTALLATION, Umspannwerk, Berlin,
Deutsche AIDS Hilfe e.V. 2007
D. A. H.  e. V.  U M S P A N N W E R K , B E R L I N
The Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. is an organization providing information about HIV and AIDS, and support to specific target groups. They held their reception in honor of world AIDS day in the Umspannwerk, one of Berlin's former electricity stations designed by Hans Heinrich Müller, an exemplar of 1920s industrial architecture.
As an introduction to the evening program featuring speeches by the German Health Minister, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, I produced a video representing the history of A.I.D.S. condensed into 6 minutes, illustrating milestones in the development of public awareness, political debate and medical progress, and highlighting the work of the DAH.
A collage of slide projections created from the DAH's diverse publications and campaigns lit up the walls, featuring many condoms and radical slogans such as "Barebacking bedroht deine Gesundtheit. Lass dich nicht verarschen!"
Link to DAH