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Trip to Asia Film Premiere Party
SLIDE INSTALLATION, Berlin Philharmonic, 2008
T R I P  t o  A S I A ,  B E R L I N   P H I L H A R M O N I C
Thomas Grube's latest much-celebrated film "Trip to Asia, The Quest for Harmony" is a portrait of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra's tour to six major Asian cities which premiered at the Berlinale film festival. I was asked to design projections for the premiere party in the Berlin Philharmonic - another wonderful opportunity to play with the multi-faceted angles of Scharoun's architecture. Memorabilia from the journey like ticket stubs, stage passes and receipts provided the source material for the graphic design. This was combined with images of the crew, quotations from the film, and the recreation of the Hong Kong skyline behind the stage, all drawn together with the recurring butterfly motif. The party was a highlight of the film festival circuit - with musical entertainment from the Philharmonic Allstars themselves, not to mention red carpet, fabulous giveaways, and the finest free drinks all night.
Client: Boomtown Media
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