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Liza Lounge, slide installation

PEEP SHOW, video with dancer/choreographer Diane Busuttil

TOTAL Ausverkauf, Galerie Format, BERLIN solo exhibition, video, light, projection and sound installation

FIKTION BERLIN, KMZA, BERLIN, video installation. with Till Vanish

SUGAR ORANGE, slide installation for club scenes in the feature film "Sugar Orange" by Andreas Struck




WONDERFUL TOWN, Berliner Philharmonie, BERLIN slide installation celebrating Leonard Bernstein and the musical "Wonderful Town"

FIKTION BERLIN, Galerie kritiku, PRAGUE, video installation. with Till Vanish

AIDS 2002, THEATER am HALLISCHEN UFER, BERLIN, facade installation

GROM, videos for Pop act GROM "sadness sells" European tour

SMART CROSSBLADE LOUNGE, GENEVA, slide installation for the launch of the new smart car

MDM RECEPTION, ELISABETHKIRCHE, BERLIN, slide installation & video presentation